Moving to Music Go Round

as of August 20, 2019 Percolator guitar repair services are moving to :

Music go Round at 7116 Menaul Blvd, Albuquerque NM, 87110

ph (505) 875-0100

HiFi refurbishing services have been discontinued!

No time to do it anymore.

My booth at the ABQ Collective will close Sept 30th.

There will be some flash sales on retail items leading up to closing,

Retail store will become online and Reverb store.

Thanks and see you at Music go Round.

Btw, this in no way effects my role at Rust is Gold Coffee. These are, and have always been, two seperate businesses.

The Percolator back story

Hey y'all-

Thanks for visiting the page. My name is Jimmy Deveney, and I am the guy that started, and runs Percolator Guitar Repair and Recording Service. Here's little bit my story, how I ended up starting what might seem like a strange business:


I have been tinkering with guitars as long as I have been playing them, over 30 years, and started taking repairs seriously about 20 years ago, end of 1999, when I got my first music store job. Magnolia Music in Jackson, MS.  I was always peering over the shoulder of Chuck Ripperton, the sales and repair wiz. Chuck was a sweet guy, and a brilliant, player and repair tech. I learned a lot from him.  This became a trend in my following jobs, I was in sales, but always getting as much hands on knowledge from repair guys as I could. By the time made it to Austin in 2002, I was getting pretty acquainted with it. In 2003, I moved to Strait Music from a big box store, and ended up with my own bench to take some heat off the main repair guy upstairs. By 2008, I was ready to open my own shop, and a buddy of mine who fixed amps, Chazz Bessette, and myself opened "Atomic Power Repair" in Austin. We made it 2 years, but the economy was tanking, and our cash on the barrel head philosophy wasn't gonna work. To avoid taking on debt, we closed down, and I toured the country for 3 years with my band at the time, Horse Opera.  I came home and started building custom electric guitars for Teye Guitars in Austin.  I learned a TON there, and loved the people I worked with. After a year and half the company shut down temporarily to reorganize and moved operations to Nashville.  I stayed in Austin.  I also worked for a time for Moniker Guitars in Austin, again, learned a lot and loved the crew, but it wasn't a proper fit, with my band touring a lot. 

So I went back on the road a good bit in 2016, and had a good time, but I found I really missed the work, so, I started a repair shop out of my house, and also worked about 30 hours a week for Danny Shoemaker at his "Straight Frets Guitar Service". I learned a ton, and loved it, but life takes you where it takes you. I moved back to my hometown of Albuquerque NM in December of 2017, and began working from home there as well as being a barista at Michael Thomas Coffee. 

NOW I have the opportunity to have a store front for my repair and re-sale business, and I get to manage an awesome new coffee shop, Rust is Gold Coffee, in the same building! The ABQ Collective at 1321 Eubank Blvd NE, ABQ NM 87112.


In 2014 I began working for Sound Gallery in Austin, Tx. my job was to prepare their back stock of vintage stereo equipment for sale on the showroom floor. They have an extensive collection, so I had to work on all different kinds of turntables, receivers, and speakers. This was a doorway into doing this for myself when I moved to Albuquerque in December of 2017. It was also an introduction to crafting espresso drinks, and the world of coffee in general, which I still do, and love.


When I was 17, I was offered a chance to do a work study through my high school. I contacted a local recording studio and spent two years apprenticing with the owner, Manny Rettinger. It was 16 channels to 1/2" tape, and then mastered onto a Betamax machine! Digital was just coming into being, and he had some rack effects, but I really am grateful, looking back, that I got to work in the world of tape.

I love records, as a piece of work, as a whole. I can't listen to an album on shuffle, I follow the artist's running order, because I know I choose carefully when I make a record. I like to think about the story each song tells, as well as the picture the whole record tells, in feel, and lyric. I want to make RECORDS. 

I have owned personal recording gear since I was in high school, the cassette 4 track, the early Boss home digital recorders, and then progressively bigger and better computer based systems.  

About 13 years ago, I started getting more serious and slowly buying mics, and gear as I worked in music stores in Austin, and learning different software platforms. In 2010, I recorded the first Horse Opera record, 'Sounds of the Desert', with bass player, Ben Sparks. I learned a lot in that experience.  I went on to record an EP for local cajun band, Gumbo Ce Soir, and then a follow up Horse Opera record, and parts of a solo record for band mate Howdy Darrell.  Honing my craft of better capture, mic placement technique, and sound going in, so I'd have better tracks to work with.  I have since done several full record projects, and spent time looking over the shoulder of other engineers, like TIm Gerron, whom my band Palomino Shakedown has worked with extensively. 

Since relocating to Albuquerque in December of 2017, I have yet to find a suitable space for recording. So that part of the business is currently on hold. Stay tuned...